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Compared with the traditional corrugated iron sheet boxes, the composite boards are slightly lighter. Because of the special honeycomb structure and core structure, the density of the composite boards is relatively small and the weight is very light. For example, a 40 ton car can lift 70% of the load. 4 meters to 9.6 meters in the car has the same strength (for example, forklift truck or can / foam, iron / foam, plywood). It can be seen that the use of PP composite plate and vacuum core composite plate body is the lightest, lighter than the use of plywood more than 400 to 1000 kg, lighter than the iron plate compartment nearly 300 to 800 kg.
According to experience, 1.5 litres of fuel will be saved for each 450 kilograms of vehicle weight loss and 100 kilometers of vehicle weight loss. According to the annual running of 100,000 kilometers of trucks, 1,500 litres of fuel will be saved annually. According to the calculation of 7 yuan per litre, 10,500 yuan will be saved annually.
Long service life
Generally, the same life of the truck box is about 1.5 years, and the phenomena of leakage, rust and breakage will begin to appear. The service life of the truck with PP composite plate and vacuum-guided composite plate will be at least 8 years, even longer, and the trunk body will not easily appear leakage, inducement and breakage.
Insulation property
The composite board has a certain thermal insulation effect, because the core material is a kind of high-density foam board with very low thermal conductivity. It also has the thermal insulation property when it is used as a dry van truck.
The appearance is smooth and beautiful.
The surface of the composite board is the natural color of the glass steel plate or the color of the PP material, and the surface of the composite plate is smooth and decent.
High strength
It is resistant to impact, rigidity and flexibility, and can resist physical stress impact and damage.
Waterproof and moisture-proof
The composite board is different from the wooden board in its unique features. The material has good sealing performance, no water leakage, no water absorption even if the surface is damaged.
Weather resistance is strong.
The composite panel is a glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic material with a wide range of temperatures ranging from - 40 to + 80 degrees Celsius, which can be adapted to most climatic conditions.
Chemical resistance is strong.
The composite board has high corrosion resistance to grease, brine and common chemicals.
Aging resistance
The epidermis is specially treated with good aging resistance.
Easy maintainability
The composite plate is very convenient to repair, and no trace has been processed after repair.

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