What are the precautions for choosing refrigerated transport vehicle?
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What are the precautions for choosing refrigerated transport vehicle?
Food needs to be transported by refrigerated trucks to ensure that the freshness is maintained at a constant temperature during transportation. Because the stability of the surrounding environment cannot be guaranteed during transportation and the temperature span is large, constant temperature transportation is required. The refrigerated trucks with good reputation can provide timely reliability for businesses. So what are the precautions for choosing refrigerated transport vehicle under the condition of reliable transportation?
I. pay attention not to leakage of air conditioner
In the process of opening the refrigerated vehicle, attention shall be paid not to the condition that the leakage of air-conditioner may affect the use, because the maintenance of temperature requires constant input of air-conditioner and environmental foil to achieve the purpose, while the refrigerated vehicle may leak air-conditioner due to its too fast speed in the process of transportation, so attention shall be paid to prevent the leakage of air-conditioner during the advance investigation Vehicle temperature imbalance.
2. Pay attention to the restriction of transportation freezing time
There are many vehicles with the limitation of freezing time in the production of many transport brands, because the interior of the carriage is a moving freezer, which is prone to freeze damage and frostbite in the carriage during the long-term freezing process, which will affect the subsequent use. Therefore, when carrying out the operation of the transport vehicle, it is necessary to pay attention to the assurance of freezing time to prevent the diffusion of constraint time, and control the transport of the refrigerated transport vehicle within It can effectively grasp the temperature within the specified time.
III. pay attention to the tonnage limit of transport vehicles
The weight inside the tonnage of transport vehicles must be controlled to prevent the road from being squeezed. There are many limited tonnage data of the road. Because the road area is small, it can't bear the heavy vehicles. The overweight of refrigerated transport vehicles will crush the pavement construction and affect the passing of subsequent vehicles. Therefore, the tonnage test can be carried out when the goods are loaded to prevent the following vehicles from passing because of the road restrictions 。
Affordable refrigerated transport vehicle can increase the reliability of transportation and improve the cost of customers. When choosing refrigerated transport vehicle, we should not only prevent the leakage of air-conditioner during transportation, but also control and restrict the freezing time to prevent the diffusion. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the requirements and understanding of the road for the tonnage limit of vehicles.