How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of chassis protection
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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of chassis protection

In rainy and humid climate, the chassis Zui of your car is easy to be corroded and rusted by rain. Most car owners have some knowledge of chassis protection, but how to choose chassis armor construction shop, how to identify the quality of construction, is a very concerned issue for the majority of car owners.

In the construction of chassis armor, the material technology is the key; at present, only a single flexible resin material or asphalt material is generally used for the common chassis plastic sealing treatment. 3M professional chassis armor material is composed of four kinds of products with different characteristics. It adopts the method of multi-layer spraying and covering to realize the protection of multiple functions. It has the comprehensive functions of high adhesion, high wear resistance, impact resistance (high elasticity), rust prevention and corrosion, and noise reduction.

In construction, the chassis armor is also exquisite. No matter new or old cars, first of all, check the condition of chassis, clean dirt, rust and grease layer; use compressed air to dry the chassis; cover the body, covering parts: exhaust pipe, brake drum, brake, shock absorber, oil tank pipeline, engine bottom, detachable bolt, rear axle bolt of 4WD. Then start spraying construction. Zui is the key point when it comes to spraying. The spray nozzle should be kept about 25 cm away from the construction surface of the chassis, moving slowly and evenly to ensure the uniformity of the spraying layer. According to the selected process, spray the materials with high adsorption, high strength and high wear resistance one by one. Spray the whole chassis for 4 to 12 times, and the drying interval is 15 to 30 minutes. After spraying, the next step is to remove the mask and restore. Through the construction of chassis armor, driving safety and comfort can be improved, and the comprehensive functions of the car can be fully reflected.