How to protect tyres in winter?
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How to protect tyres in winter?

According to China Securities News, driving technology is only one aspect of winter driving on ice and snow road, while vehicle performance and tire selection are also important factors, so how to protect tires in winter?

Do not deliberately lower the tire pressure. Some old drivers often think that the tire pressure of the wheel should be lower in winter, so as to increase the contact area between the tire and the ground. They think that in this way, the friction will increase and it is safer. In fact, this idea is no longer suitable for the current situation. In the past, the tire pressure of the car was generally high, so it is correct to reduce the tire pressure in winter; however, due to the need of comfort, the normal tire pressure of the car now has been relatively low. If the tire is depressurized again, the tire will be easily damaged. So in winter, the tires of the vehicle should be stamped according to the standard.

The tyres should be changed when driving on ice and snow roads for a long time. Generally, the car manufacturers assemble all-weather tires for the car when the car leaves the factory. This kind of tire can deal with the common road conditions under normal driving conditions, so it is suitable for all seasons. But the performance is actually a compromise between the characteristics of summer tyres and winter tyres, so if you want to get a good driving effect, you need to use a special pair of tyres. For example, the specially developed "snow tyre" has a deep tread pattern, but it can only show the advantage of good adhesion when it is in low temperature and ice and snow road, so the "snow tyre" can be replaced when driving on ice and snow road for a long time.

Check more every day. No matter what season, the daily maintenance of tires should not be ignored. Regularly check whether the tires are nailed, cut, aged and cracked. Repair or replace the tires in time to prevent running under air. The protruding foreign matters such as nails, glass and dry hard branches shall be avoided as far as possible. At present, the basic equipment of the family car is radial tire when it leaves the factory. Its air tight layer and outer tire are closely combined. There is no inner tire, so when the tire is accidentally punctured, the gas inside the tire will not leak out all at once, but slowly. However, when the air pressure is reduced to a certain extent, the deformation on both sides of the tread will increase, the tread will be excessively worn, and the carcass Zui will eventually be distorted due to the inability to withstand the excessive pressure, which will lead to tire blowout. In winter, special attention shall be paid to tire aging and pattern wear. If the tire cracks or pattern wear is serious, timely tire repair shall be carried out; if the internal and external wear of the tire is different, the tire can be replaced regularly. In addition, do not use tires of different brands and patterns.