The cold trailer project of henan ice bear refrigerated automobile co., LTD was invested by hna group and henan ice bear refrigerated automobile co., LTD. Hna group is a large enterprise group with aviation industry, finance, tourism and logistics as its pillar. In 2015, hna group was first listed in fortune global 500. Henan ice bears refrigerating automobile co., LTD is a large state enterprise, henan high-tech enterprises, is the refrigerator car, insulated car, post box car, van, truck, military application and military special vehicles special vehicles, such as research and development and production base, there are 160 model car on the national automobile product announcement, 8 items of scientific and technological achievements won the national patent. This project is a large cold chain project of high automation and high technology jointly invested by hna manufacturing and ice bear, which will provide the most competitive electric logistics vehicles and become a unique landscape of China's new energy vehicles.

Project covers an area of 180 mu, with a total investment of 500 million yuan, the main building of 80000 square meters standard workshop, office building 5000 square meters, the exhibition hall of 2000 square meters, living areas such as worker dormitory building 8000 square meters, 5000 square meters of research and development center, production technology and automation equipment imported from America and Italy, the production of various refrigerated trailer, insulated car, preservation, mail car, military special vehicles, van truck, medical waste transport vehicles, mobile vehicles, electric vehicle logistics, etc., when it is completed, annual output of 100000 cubic meters of refrigerated insulated car polyurethane board, It can produce 10,000 refrigerated trucks. Refrigerated 50, 000 semi-trailers of various special operations, 3,000 vehicles, can be arranged for 800 people employment, profits and taxes to achieve 90 million yuan.